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NETWORK's Response to President Obama's 2012 State of the Union Address

NETWORK welcomed President Obama’s State of the Union address as a call to develop trust among citizens and our government representatives. “We have each other’s backs” is at the heart of what it means to promote the common good. The president used the military as an example of this shared responsibility, but it is a perspective that is developed in many places. For one, it is at the core of our faith, but perhaps the military is something that all people in the United States can understand.

We affirm the call for all Americans to play by the same rules and pay taxes according to their capacity. The key concepts of the speech solidly extended NETWORK’s Mind the Gap! campaign themes. Wealth and income disparity are eating at the foundation of our democracy. In order to Mend the Gap we affirm the president’s call to integrate education into real jobs, support teachers, and make an economy that works for all people. This is critical to our continued development as a nation.

The president highlighted that we as a nation cannot continue on the polarized path that we have been on, pitting people and political parties against each other. The divide within Congress and between Congress and the rest of the nation needs to end, and real people need to be the focus of our concern. We affirm the president’s call for just such steps toward working together.

The concept of the United States as an “indispensable nation” is an important framework for understanding our role in the world. It challenges us to be engaged in both partnership and leadership on the way forward in creating a world where all can flourish. We are concerned that the president touted the Free Trade Agreements that Congress passed, but he failed to acknowledge the serious problems the Colombia trade agreement created by exacerbating the economic divide in that nation without giving much in return. We were also concerned that there was no specific support for the State Department’s work of diplomacy and development in a vulnerable world.