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Budget Choices: What would you pick?

For where your treasure lies, there will you heart be also. Matthew 6:21

The federal budget is a moral document --- a true reflection of our nation's values. Led by Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-1) and Senator Patty Murray (WA), a bi-partisan conference committee of Senate and House members has made budget recommendations. We worked with our friends at the National Priorities Project to identify just a few choices the conferees faced. You decide what you would have prioritized.

Then, email your members of Congress and let them know what your choices would be. Tell them that although it is good they reached a compromise, you still want a Faithful Budget that reflects our nation's values. A Faithful Budget covers Unemployment Insurance and also raises revenue to pay for our nation's needs.

Which would you choose? Tax breaks for capital gains & dividends or a social safety net for our nation's children?

Which would you choose? Weapons or food for hungry families?

Which would you choose? Special tax breaks for corporate income earned abroad, or all our humanitarian aid?

Which would you choose? F-35 air strikers or the entire Environmental Protection Agency?