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Toolkit for Faith-Inspired Activists Expanding Medicaid

People of Faith Offer Public Witness at Texas Medicaid Expansion RallyPlease scroll down and fill in your name, email address, and zipcode to access NETWORK's toolkit for activists working to expand Medicaid.

NETWORK staff have been supporting Medicaid expansion activists in Missouri, Texas, Pennslyvania, Virginia, Arizona, South Dakota, and more. From working with these activists, we have developed some learnings we wish to share with you in an Activist Toolkit for Medicaid Expansion.

Inside the toolkit, you will find the following resources: 

  • Understanding Medicaid Basics
  • Medicaid Talking Points
  • Economics of Expanding Medicaid
  • Counter-Arguments for those who Oppose Expansion
  • Recent Developments: "Private Options" and Waivers
  • Checklist for Lobbying Your Governor and/or State Legislator(s)
  • Lobby Visit Planning Sheet
  • Spreading the Word
  • Sample Press Release
  • Sample Letters to the Editor
Special thanks to NETWORK member and volunteer Barbara Hazelett for significant updates to the original toolkit, as well as to Families USA for updated content on "private options" and waivers.