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NETWORK Associate Program

2015-2016 Associates

NETWORK Associate Program is an 11-month intensive educational and professional development experience in legislative advocacy rooted in Catholic principles of social justice.

Designed to cultivate growth into a career in the advocacy, politics, policy, or non-profit arenas through first-hand experience, associates will develop practical, translatable skills as they contribute to the ongoing NETWORK mission

From September through July, associates will immerse themselves in Washington D.C. and all it has to offer, undertaking experiences in legislative policy, research, lobbying, coalition-building, community organizing, curriculum development, networking, and media.

Associates will get the chance to create relationships with legislators and non-profit organizations throughout the area, as well as experience the ins and outs of the D.C. policy world.

Focused and engaging, this opportunity gives young professionals the chance to give back to the community by advocating for federal legislation that has the potential to improve the lives of millions of women, men, and children. 

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