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Blog: Help Convert Frustration to Positive Energy for Good

Nov 12, 2010 | By Marge Clark, BVM

I took part in the Call to Action Conference in Milwaukee last weekend. On Saturday, I organized a caucus session called After the Election:  Working Together to Create Economic Survival for All. I prepared materials for 25, and was swarmed by three times that number of concerned activists, anxious to work together and very energized by their frustration over the November 2 elections. After an hour and a half, the last remnant vacated the room -- from the 45 minute session. 

Your energy (and mine) is needed to bring about laws which will protect those living in poverty, treat diverse groups with justice, and bring this nation to greater equity, well-functioning  and economically sound. NETWORK continues to work on the issues outlined in “Critical Issues” for action in the post-election session. 

Since there were not sufficient copies of the prepared materials, I promised to get them on the NETWORK website this week.  There are two pieces:

Click on these, and use as they are helpful to you.