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Blog: What Will YOU Do for Economic Justice?

Sep 19, 2011 | By Stephanie Niedringhaus

Yesterday, during the “Prayers of the Faithful” at Mass, I asked for prayers for our nation, which is splitting apart economically. We prayed together that our nation will find our path back to economic justice.

In part, my prayer reflected the sentiments in a letter-to-the-editor from NETWORK’s Executive Director that appeared in Friday’s Washington Post. Reacting to new poverty statistics and an article showing that the wealth gap is being fed by unjust tax policies, she wrote, “It would be bad enough if the soaring gap between rich and poor were a short-term crisis. But our government is sowing seeds for economic injustice for decades to come… So where do we go from here? Do we demand change, or do we continue to ignore proof that recent economic policies are damaging our entire nation? I vote for change…”

I was deeply touched when members of my church community thanked me afterwards for my prayer, shaking their heads about the current state of our nation and saying we need to act. One even handed me a check on the spot for NETWORK, knowing that our mission includes lobbying for economic justice.

So my question is this: What will YOU do to help move our nation in the right direction? Complaining is not enough!

Did you miss the recent news about our unjust tax policies and soaring rates of poverty? If so, check out these two articles from last week’s Washington Post:

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