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Pilgrimage to the U.S. Capitol in Support of the Unemployed

Jun 13, 2014 | By Marge Clark, BVM

On Wednesday, June 11 about 50 people of faith joined Marge Clark, BVM and members of the Washington Inter-Religious Staff Community in a solemn walk through the halls of the House of Representatives reading aloud stories from men and women who have been without any income, for months. The only sound made by members of our group was the story being read. We walked in single file, drawing the desired attention from other visitors and the offices we passed.

We had selected 12 Republican Congresspersons needing a strong push to support the suffering people in their own districts. We visited each of those offices, leaving with them the stories from their own district – after reading at least one of their stories as we entered the office. Some offices did get the person who works on Labor issues, some had another staff person talk with us, and the rest simply accepted the folder.
Social media was very active, tweeting was intense throughout and following the Pilgrimage! This led to Pacifica Radio requesting an on-air conversation, which took place at 11:00 on Thursday, broadcast on WPFWFM. It is archived at , June 12, Thursday edition of “Community Watch and Comment.” 
It is critical that everyone continues to talk with and write to their Representative, pushing him/her to get an extension of unemployment benefits to the floor of the House!