Irvine, CA - Lobby Visit

Visit to Representative John Campbell’s Office in Irvine, CA

Written by: Sister Therese Randolph, RSM

June 14, 2013

“I had a boyfriend who was undocumented. And one day he was picked up by the ICE. Then he disappeared. He was only trying to support his family back home. That’s why I came to NUNS ON THE BUS. I want to support immigration reform.”

This message from a young woman in her mid-twenties reflected the tenor of participants in a rally outside Rep Campbell’s office. About 150 people welcomed the sisters with signs and cheers. Asked why they came, other responses were:

  • we just finished a course called “JustFaith” and believe immigration reform is a justice issue
  • working in a local parish, I saw the limitations of parishoners not having legal status…no one should have to live in shadows
  • a very strong passion for immigration reform.

The Congressman’s representative spoke of Rep Campbell’s support of immigration reform that is doable and that creates a realistic path to citizenship. As one speaker said: It’s easy to forget that it is real human beings who are affected by public policy. Let’s work together for legislation that protects the dignity of each person and the integrity of families.