Savannah, GA - Friendraiser

Standing with our Immigrant Brothers and Sisters in Savannah, Georgia

Written by: Sister Eileen Reilly, SSND

June 2, 2013

Bright and early Sunday morning we were welcomed to Mercy Convent, where sisters, their colleagues and immigrants were gathered to welcome Nuns on the Bus to Savannah.

Ida, a teenage immigrant young woman introduced us to her immigrant parents and her "American citizen younger brother." Although she recently was given temporary protected status and can now legally drive and work, she talked about living with the daily fear that one or both of her parents will be detained or deported.

Another immigrant woman shared about the life-saving surgery she received at Good Samaritan Clinic in Savannah. She told us that what mattered most to her were "the caring hearts I met in the clinic that I know come from God."

The names and places change but what remains the same are the stories of love and gratitude, coupled with fear and dread that we are hearing from our brothers and sisters everywhere we go. And so we Nuns on the Bus continue to "raise our hands and raise our voices" at every stop along the way.