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Corpus Christi Sunday in Winter Park, Florida

Written by: Sister Mary Ellen Lacy, DC

June 3, 2013

Last night, we visited St Margaret Mary Church in Winter Park, Florida. First, we celebrated Mass with the local parish and helped them say good bye to one of their beloved priests who had been missioned to another parish. Immediately following, we participated in a thoughtful and ethnically rich program created by local Sister Ann Kendrick, SND. We were escorted in the meeting room by young flag-bearers who proudly stood for immigration reform.

Then, several participants processed into the room bearing colorful posters, wearing ethnic garb and dancing to music of Hope. We prayed for justice for those unjustly imprisoned without due process; those living in the shadows; and the new orphan society waiting for parents to return. Finally, Simone and some sisters raised the battle cry: Raise your hands; Raise your voices for Comprehensive Immigration reform. Oh, the Spirit, she was a movin’.

It was Corpus Christi Sunday and the Gospel reading was that of the loaves and fishes. Father recalled that the apostles wanted to send the masses away because they did not believe that they could feed His sheep with the little resources they had. Jesus says, bring to me whatever I have given you and I will show you how this works, again! Jesus was losing a little patience with the apostles. They had seen Him provide for the 100% over and over again. He had taught them that they must follow in His footsteps, not just his fame. He shows them once more. And all left, satisfied.

We claim to be followers of Christ. Comprehensive Immigration Reform will be the most effective economic, ecologic and prolife piece of legislation that any Congress will ever pass. Gross domestic product will be exponentially increased by legalization of those in the shadows. The agriculture industry will be able to properly provide for rotation of crops, which promotes economy and ecology. Finally, a roadmap that allows people to feel safe enough to come out of the shadows, to report injustices and to provide amply for their family is prolife.

There is enough for all of us, and we are called to be the body of Christ. I wondered if Jesus is losing patience with us. After all, by now we should know how this works. What He has given, He has given for the common good. We must lose our fears of self-denial and release what He has given us so all will be satisfied.