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Faith, Economy and Ecology

NETWORK recognizes that addressing the challenges of environmental devastation and climate change will require fundamental changes in our global economic system. The current growth-obsessed model relies on endless consumption, which drains our planet of precious resources and values profit over people.

In collaboration with the Faith, Economy, Ecology (FEE) working group, NETWORK calls for:

  • A paradigm shift in mindset and values from an ethic of exploitation to an ethic of right relationship
  • Public policies that start from the deep recognition that the economy must fit within Earth’s limits.
  • An economy of thriving and resilient communities, understanding ourselves as interdependent, rather than independent.
  • Return of corporations to their proper place in society, serving the interests of the common good rather than the private interests of a wealthy few.

For more information: “A Call to Integrate Faith, Ecology, and the Global Economy: A Statement from Christian Communities in the U.S.” If you or your community are interested in signing the statement, visit this website, and click on the “Let us know” link.