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Is climate change real?

Yes, climate change is very real. Though the earth has been evolving, transforming, and changing throughout its history, human activity now has had a dramatic impact upon the changing climate of the earth. Scientists nearly unanimously agree that human activity has begun to change the world’s climate, affecting plants, animals, sea levels, migration patterns, and the health of humans (More on effects of climate change). 

Climate change is the warming process of the earth’s atmosphere as a result of the increased presence of heat-trapping gases. These pollutants emanate from cars, aerosol cans, coal factories, cargo planes, fertilizers, cow digestive gases, and broken-down water bottles, among numerous others. Climate change also encompasses the repercussions of pollution that cause disease, mutation, and extinction of plants, animals, and humans. Though the earth can process gases at a small level, the exorbitant amount of pollutants now emerging in the atmosphere through human production and consumption has begun to take an enormous toll on the earth, resulting in many immediate and long-term catastrophes.