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What is the most effective alternative energy source?

The answer generally varies depending on the region.  Some alternative energy sources are better suited for some regions over others.  Solar power, wind energy, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, wave and tidal power, and biofuels are sustainable and renewable energy sources, but their availability varies across regions.

Biofuels are perhaps one of the most efficient and unlimited sources of alternative energy.  Biofuels were originally created using food sources, such as soybeans and corn, but technology has advanced to a point where food crops are not needed at all.  Instead, algae and fungi have been proven to be very promising sources of alternative energy.  Algae can grow very quickly and some species have high oil content, making them ideal sources of biodiesel.

Other experts say that using waste as a source of energy may be the most effective.  Waste is effective at generating energy and is very abundant.  Using waste for energy would eliminate much of the garbage that pollutes the earth.  Though no single solution may be effective for every part of the world, technology is certainly developing new and innovative solutions to supply alternative energy for every region.