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When it comes to rebuilding Afghanistan, why does NETWORK prefer the National Solidarity Program (NSP) over Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT)?

The NSP better empowers communities to determine their own development missions. Largely coordinated by local governments, the program channels international funding into small-scale grants. Often, these grants translate into new schools, better wells, repaired roads, and new generators. Because local community members determine where NSP grants are applied, projects are typically more effective than plans conceived halfway across the world in Washington. 

Because the NSP entrusts and empowers local citizens with leadership and power, the program engenders the community attitudes necessary for stability. The lack of an U.S. military presence can remove antagonism that would otherwise affect a humanitarian mission. Its success promotes constituent trust in a developing government.

The NSP reduces the physical dangers of engagement from the task of reconstruction, saving lives, resources and equipment. Lastly, transferring responsibility to Afghans with programs like the NSP speeds the American withdrawal process.