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Why does healthcare reform continue to be controversial?

There is ideological disagreement between the two political parties regarding whether government has a role in helping to ensure that all people can get healthcare coverage, and how much the insurance market should be regulated. There is also fear that a new healthcare “entitlement” will end up costing a lot of money, and result in higher taxes in the future. 

Our Catholic faith teaches that healthcare is a right and that government has a role to protect people who are left out by the free market system. We have seen the effect of insurance companies’ denied claims, inflated profits, and soaring premiums.  Health care costs are crushing families and small businesses. We need to remain vigilant that the implementation of healthcare reform will control healthcare costs. We also need to remain vigilant on how the government spends our tax dollars -- NETWORK believes that our federal budget should priortize human needs like healthcare, and could cut other areas in the federal budget like excessive military weapons.