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NETWORK's legislative agenda for 2015 can be viewed here.


The Catholic Social Teaching principle of stewardship of God’s creation generates a special responsibility in our use of material things: the production, transport, sale and disposal of goods must be respectful of ecological systems and all that depends on those systems. This is also a requirement for our own survival: we simply cannot live without clean air, clean water and a healthy environment. Our earthly resources are limited; we need to use them in a way that allows regeneration (replacing resources when possible, like growing new trees) and sustainability (using resources prudently so that they will last as long as possible).

Lack of attention to any part of the ecosystem will cause harm to other elements of creation. We are called to respect the earth because it is a deliberate and magnificent part of God’s creation. Monetary cost, convenience and industrial expansion are all inadequate justifications for ecological negligence. It is a presupposition of our faith that to believe in God is to affirm and act on behalf of the dignity of all of God’s creation.

NETWORK believes that government investment in transportation, construction (residential and business) and infrastructure development should “go green.” This type of investment would not only help our environment but could also benefit the economy as a form of job creation. Among other things, we need r