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2010 Issue Referendum Results

NETWORK has always been a multi-issue lobby, which is often a challenge for us, given the breadth of social justice issues and our limited resources.

In June 2010, we surveyed our members (and some potential members) to help us set our priorities for the 112th Congress (2011-2012). Issues included in the survey were those that NETWORK has some expertise and history with, and that we think the next Congress is likely to consider.

The charts show how the overall issue categories were ranked, and how specific issues within each category were ranked. The different colors indicate the number (and percent) of people who ranked the issue 1st  (orange), 2nd  (blue), 3rd (purple), etc. In general, the “peaks” in the charts indicate high-ranking issue, and the “valleys” indicate low-ranking issues.

The first chart shows the overall issue category rankings:

  1. Economy (Domestic)
  2. Immigration
  3. Peacemaking
  4. Healthcare
  5. Environment
  6. Economy (Global)

The other 6 charts show