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Message on Fair Trade Policies Sent to Congress

NETWORK, as part of the Interfaith Working Group (IWG) on Trade and Investment, has sent a strong letter to all Members of Congress to express our concerns about U.S. trade policies.

According to the letter, dated March 4, 2011, the “IWG is particularly focused on the effects of U.S. trade policy on impoverished people in our trading partner countries. Our international partners in Latin America, Africa, and Asia tell us that trade liberalization in its present form has caused tremendous harm to impoverished communities around the world.”

Congress is looking at trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia, and the administration is currently negotiating a Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement that will include Pacific-rim nations.

We want to ensure that our longstanding commitment to fair trade becomes part of future trade agreements. (More information about our position on fair trade can be found here.