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Healthcare Reform Law and NETWORK Values

Here are some of ways the new healthcare law reflects NETWORK’s healthcare values. Under the new law, healthcare is:


  • Focuses on primary care, with incentives for more medical students to specialize in primary care, and higher reimbursement rates for primary care doctors
  • Encourages use of technology foster consultation among doctors
  • Expands community clinics
  • Prohibits denial of coverage because of pre-existing condition (effective in 2010 for children, in 2014 for adults)
  • Prohibits lifetime caps (limits) on coverage
  • Prohibits cancelling policies except in cases of fraud
  • Includes state health insurance exchanges, which will offer options for individuals and small businesses to buy coverage, starting in 2014. [This does not affect employees who get health insurance from large employers, or those who receive insurance through government (Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans, Railroad, etc.).]
  • Major expansion of Medicaid to cover people with incomes of up to 133% of the poverty level, whether they have minor children or not. The increase is paid for by the federal government.
  • Tax credits for small business (including non-profits) that provide health insurance to their employees
  • Options for individuals and small businesses offered by state health insurance exchanges to buy coverage (starting in 2014). Premium subsidies in the form of tax credits will be available for people within 400% of poverty level. Competition within state exchanges is expected to lower costs.
  • Having more people covered will reduce the cost paid by all of us for their use of emergency room and hospital care.
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