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Keep Housing Affordable

The House of Representatives is considering the Affordable Housing and Self-Sufficiency Act of 2012, which will increase the minimum rent of a household in Public Housing, receiving a housing voucher or in project-based Section 8 assisted households.  The current floor is suggested at $50 per month. This act would increase and mandate a minimum rent of $69.45. For someone on SSI or even earning minimum wage this is a huge increase.  Thousands of households have been unable to pay the entire $50 per month current rent. It is estimated that the rents would rise for 490,000 households, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC).

This same legislation would expand and make permanent a current demonstration project operating in about 35 housing authorities.  There has been no evaluation of this “Moving to Work” program, and there have been many complaints.  It allows owners of properties to increase rents, and exempts them from key tenets of affordable housing law – particularly income targeting and affordability.  A work requirement can be mandated, time limits can be placed on participants, and they can be mandated to attend any type of program as a condition of continued assistance. 

Please tell your representative to oppose this legislation. See the alert at