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Our 2011-2012 Issue Agenda

Our Work for “A Country that Works”

Due to economic conditions and growing concerns about the national debt, the federal budget will be at the center of most of the movement in the 112th Congress. At NETWORK, we will advocate for “A Country that Works” – i.e., a nation that comes together to solve our problems responsibly and where all able to work will find meaningful jobs with living wages. Our work will continue to be based on the Platform for the Common Good, voted on by a 2008 member referendum. The top five issue priorities that emerged during its creation are listed below, with our current priorities for this Congress under each.


  • Stronger social safety net that addresses the needs of people at the economic margins. Restoration of spending for food stamps, and assistance for homeowners and renters who are losing their homes.
  •  Funding for the National Housing Trust Fund.
  • Job-creation and training programs that meet the need for “green” development and that benefit not just the highly skilled, but all workers.
  • Improvements in and reauthorization of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
  • Tax policies that serve the common good.
  • Attention to those attempting to rejoin society after incarceration.
  • Global fair trade policies that are shaped to meet the goals of sustainable development and poverty reduction.


  • Cuts to unnecessary and unwanted military programs.
  • Investment in economic development and assistance for refugees and internally-displaced people in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Responsible and timely military withdrawal from Afghanistan.


  • Ensure implementation of the 2010 Healthcare Reform law.
  • Protect