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NETWORK Members Lobby their Members of Congress

Here are two stories from NETWORK members who have visited their congressional representatives in their local district offices.

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January 2012

My Indiana 8th district representative to the U.S. Congress is Congressman Larry Bucshon (Rep.).  In the past I have attended the town hall meetings held by both our Democratic and Republican representatives.  But when Rep. Bucshon is at his various offices in the 8th district, constituents may schedule a time for a personal visit with him which I truly value.

On 1/3/12 I had the opportunity to meet individually with Rep. Bucshon and one of his office staff.  I told Rep. Bucshon that on last year’s Network issues he only voted with Network 2 out 13 votes. Yet, I found that as we talked about my chosen topics of health care and the national debt, we could agree on many of points and respectfully disagree on other points.  He listened to me and I listened to him as we dialogued about ways to achieve the goals we were both seeking: affordable health care and insurance for all in the US and decreasing our national debt. I believe Rep. Bucshon and I both broadened our depth of understanding on the issues we discussed.

Sr. Mary Griffin, SP



August 2011

 I am a member of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood of O’Fallon, MO.   During August we have been having different groups of us talking with our senators and representatives using the talking points Network provided through the email alert.

Yesterday, four of us met with Mary Beth Wolf at the office of Senator Roy Blunt. We gave her the last copy of the Network magazine with the articles about the economic situation in our world today.   We especially pointed out the article about “Mind the Gap”.  She wrote later that she had referred the information about Network to one of their Washington