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Medicaid: New Jersey


February 26, 2013: Governor Chris Christie has decided to accept the federal funding to provide health coverage for the uninsured. It is expected that lawmakers in the state legislature, with its Democratic majority, will also push for accepting this money. 

Ways to Get Involved:

  • It is important that Gov. Christie continues to hear from his constitutents that they support his decision and for constituents to thank him for this decision, as this will show other resistant governors that they will be rewarded for accepting this federal money. To join in this effort, email Sr. Mary Ellen at

Past Actions: 

  • A NETWORK member wrote to Governor Christie thanking him for his support of Medicaid and received a response from teh Governor's office. 
  • A NETWORK member wrote a blog that was picked up by United Steel Workers and the AFL-CIO
  • A NETWORK member wrote Letters to the Editor to both the Star-Ledger and the Camden Courier Post