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Medicaid: South Dakota

***ACTION ALERT: Sign NETWORK's petition to call on Gov. Daugaard, from a faith community perspective, to do the right thing and expand Medicaid.***


On June 28, 2012 the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act but it also held that expanding Medicaid in 2014 is not mandatory. As of this ruling, it is a choice that states can opt into or out of. This can be devastating for those living in lower socioeconomic circumstances who counted upon this coverage for their families.

Nevertheless, the Court ruled that the expansion itself is constitutional, and the Gospel declares that it is the right and just thing to do. Tragically, since the Supreme Court decision, some governors have announced that they will not expand Medicaid in their state. Others remain quiet because they fear political consequences in this election year.

The reality is that, if a state doesn’t expand Medicaid in 2014, there will be no valid health insurance option for many low-income people who earn between 100 and 133% of the national poverty level. (About $22,000 - $29,000 for a family of four). Under the expansion, these people would have had coverage.


December 4, 2012: Governor Dennis Daugaard (R) denied federal funding to provide health coverage for the uninsured. He will ultimately delay a decision for South Dakota. See a video of his explanation. 

April 2013: Gov. Daugaard (R) appoints a Medicaid Task force to conduct study and generate a factual report on the opportunities and challenges of expanding Medicaid in South Dakota.

September 2013: Sister Simone Campbell visited Mt. Marty College to deliver a lecture on poverty and healthcare days before the Governor's Medicaid Task Force report is due to release. Her visit got excellent news coverage, priming the public to listen for the report.

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