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NEP Staff Presentations and Workshops


NETWORK Education Program (NEP) engages people in envisioning and working toward a just and equitable society. NEP values mutuality in learning and in teaching. Collaborating to plan and implement workshops is one way that NEP seeks to engage in grassroots efforts and connect with diverse communitites throughout the United States.

Types of Workshops or Presentations

These are some of the subjects that NEP staff can include in a workshop or presentation:

  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Faith-based advocacy
  • How to Lobby
  • Issues on our agenda (e.g. economic justice, healthcare, immigration)
  • Participating in the political process

We can accomodate small groups (up to 12 people) at our office in Washington DC, or we can come to your location.

Rates for 2013

The fee for NETWORK Education Program staff is $150-250 per hour, with a one-hour minimum. The hourly rate includes preparation time as well as the cost of photocopies and other basic materials. For ou