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NETWORK Connection Archives

We invite you to look at past issues of the Connection, NETWORK’s award-winning publication, where you will find articles by Sister Joan Chittister, John Podesta, Marie Dennis, Marian Wright Edelman, Senator Mary Landrieu, Representative Chris Van Hollen, and other renowned social justice experts and political leaders.

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Second Quarter 2016 - "Living in the Income Gap: Impact on Women and People of Color" with a brand new redesign!

First Quarter 2016 - "Fighting Poverty in 2016". Also contains the 2015 Voting Record.  

Fourth Quarter 2015 - "Weeks of Faith and Joy: Pope Francis and Nuns on the Bus." Also, learn how you can sign the pledge to Bridge the Divides and Transform Politics!

Third Quarter 2015 - "Interconnected: Families and Economic Justice," which includes articles about how families in the U.S. cope in the current economy and the importance of family-friendly government policies.

Second Quarter 2015 - "Awaiting the New Encyclical and Earth Justice," with valuable information as we prepare for Pope Francis's new encyclical on the environment. 

First Quarter 2015 - "Challenges Ahead," which includes NETWORK's 2014 voting record for all Members of Congress and NETWORK's legislative agenda for 2015.

Fourth Quarter 2014 - "We the People, We the Voters," with the story of our latest Nuns on the Bus journey, this time for voting and democracy.

Third Quarter 2014 - "Imagining a world where all are safe," with firsthand accounts of Central American children arriving at our border and Catholic sisters and others trying to help them.

Second Quarter 2014 - "Toward an Economy of Inclusion" with article by Rep. Chris Van Hollen on the need for bipartisan action to alleviate poverty.

First Quarter 2014 - "Today we also have to say 'thou shalt not' to an economy of exclusion and inequality." -Pope Francis. Also contains 2013 voting record.

Fourth Quarter 2013 - "Men at the Economic Margins"

Third Quarter 2013 - "NETWORK Nuns on the Bus - Driving toward Immigration Justice" and "Spread the Word" - how you can speak out for comprehensive immigration reform

Second Quarter 2013 - "What Children Deserve," with articles by Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of Children's Defense Fund, and student activists in Camden, NJ. 

First Quarter 2013 - "Reaching for the New," with Voting Record for the112th Congress.

Fourth Quarter 2012 - "Election 2012 and the Needs of our Nation," with Election Chart.

Third Quarter 2012 - "Nuns on the Bus: Journey in Faith," a look at our remarkable Nuns on the Bus campaign. Includes sheet of three bookmarks.

Second Quarter 2012 - "Faithful to the Gospel Then and Now," a commemorative issue in celebration of NETWORK's 40th anniversary.

First Quarter 2012 - "Imagine Forward," a look at today's political realities, with voting record for the First Session of the 112th Congress.

Fourth Quarter 2011 - "Racism in 21st Century America," with fact sheets in color and b/w to copy and distribute.

Third Quarter 2011 - "Our Soaring - and Undemocratic - Wealth Gap," which includes Mind the Gap! campaign fact sheets in color and b/w to copy and distribute.

Second Quarter 2011 - "Working Together to Address Global Poverty," which includes inserts on action steps in color and b/w to copy and distribute.

First Quarter 2011 - "2011: Mapping the Future," which includes 2010 congressional voting record

Fourth Quarter 2010 - "Jobs and Justice: On Work and Dignity"

Third Quarter 2010 - "TANF Tested: Lives of Families in Poverty during the Recession"

Second Quarter 2010 - "Faith Communities Stand with Immigrants"

First Quarter 2010 - "Civility and the Common Good" with NETWORK's 2009 voting record for all members of Congress and article on civility in politics by former Republican Representative Jim Leach.

November-December 2009 - "Advent: Preparing for a Future of Justice"

September-October 2009 - "Peacemaking"

July-August 2009 - "Healthcare For All – Finally?!"

May- June 2009 - "Movement Toward Immigrant Justice"

March-April 2009 - "Ecological Justice"

January-February 2009 - "With Hope" with NETWORK's 2008 voting record for all members of Congress.

November-December 2008 - "Vision and Leadership"

September-October 2008 - "Convention Fuels Passion for the Common Good"

July-August 2008 - "Election 2008: New Voices Heard"

May-June 2008 - "Practicing Global Solidarity"

March-April 2008 - "Iraqi Refugees: An Unfolding Crisis"

January-February 2008 - "The People's Mandate -- A New Direction" with NETWORK's 2007 voting record for all members of Congress

November-December 2007 - "Poverty and Our Global Family: Advent Call to Solidarity"

September-October 2007 - "A Decent Place to Live"

July-August 2007 - "Clothing Our World in Justice"

May-June 2007 - "Farm and Food Policies for a Healthier World"

March-April 2007 - "Our Children, Our Future"

January-February 2007 -