Immigration Reform

Blog: Cities Take Steps to Protect Immigrant Communities

Oct 30, 2015 | By Rachel Schmidt

Certain politicians are intent on categorizing all undocumented immigrants as “rapists and criminals” that need to be kept out of the United States with giant walls on the southern border.  This rhetoric creates fear, perpetuates racism, and is dehumanizing.

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Make Immigration Reform Your Lenten Promise.

This Lent, let us pray and act with conviction for an immigration system that values compassion and human dignity. Read more

NETWORK Nuns on the Bus Brief Congress

View highlights from  the NETWORK's Nuns on the Bus congressional briefing about their recent trip "Nuns on the Bus: A Drive for Faith, Family, and Citizenship." Read more

NETWORK's Nuns on the Bus Website

You can learn more about our recent cross-country journey here. Read more

Engaging Impasse on Immigration Workshop

A workshop where participants will explore feelings, fears and insights about immigration through reflection, role-playing and discussion. Includes instructions for the workshop facilitator and biographies for role-playing. Read more

Press Release: NETWORK “Disappointed” in U.S. Fifth Circuit Court Ruling to Deny Family Unity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2015
Joe Ward || 202.601.7871

WASHINGTON – Today, in response to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against the Obama administration in Texas v. United States, NETWORK released the following statement:

Blog: Immigration Update

Aug 28, 2015 | By Laura Peralta-Schulte

The Republican presidential contest is in full swing and one of the key issues that have been discussed thus far is the issue of immigration. Unfortunately for supporters of comprehensive immigration reform, the hysteria and demeaning rhetoric on the campaign trail has spilled over to the Halls of Congress with anti-immigrant Members of Congress once again pushing legislation to further militarize the U.S. border and to increase enforcement actions against immigrant communities around the country.

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ICE and Family Detention - Update

NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, welcomes the July 13 announcement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that, moving forward, “ICE will generally not detain mothers with children, absent a threat to public safety or national security, if they have received a positive finding for credible or reasonable fear and the individual has provided a verifiable residential address.” This continues to build on the reforms announced by ICE in May and Secretary Jeh Johnson in June, and serves as an important and significant step forward in implementing these changes.

Blog: Laudato Si’ -- A NETWORK Associate’s Perspective

Jun 19, 2015 | By Nicholas Moffa

When I was a kid, my family always took what I initially considered to be the strangest vacations. While my friends flew off to Disney World, I flew off to…Wyoming. And Alaska, Arizona, and California. While my friends enjoyed amusement park rides, I quickly grew to love hiking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding and kayaking.

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Press Release: NETWORK Celebrates Pope Francis’s Encyclical

FOR RELEASE: June 18, 2015
CONTACT: Stephanie Niedringhaus, 202-347-9797 x224,

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