Erin Zubal, OSU

Sister Erin is a member of the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland. She holds a Masters in Social Work Administration from Case Western Reserve University and a Masters in Educational Administration from Ursuline College. Sister Erin served for 15 years as a social worker and educator in Catholic elementary and high schools in the Diocese of Cleveland. Currently Sister Erin serves as Director of Residential Programs at Boys Hope Girls Hope.

What calls you to NETWORK? Where do you find inspiration in this work?
NETWORK grounds me in the work of peace and justice. Our world is in great need of equitable policies that serve the common good. I join NETWORK as we advocate for systemic change that seeks to address the needs of our brothers and sisters who are underserved. What better way to do this than to listen to the realities and lived experiences of people in our own communities—and then take those stories to our elected officials and encourage them to legislate for the common good. I am inspired by all of the holy men and women who have gone before me in this work. May I be as faithful to the work of peace and justice as they have.

Hometown: Youngstown, OH
Current Location: Cleveland, OH