Climate Change

NETWORK believes that Catholic Social Justice creates a special responsibility for us and our relationship to the environment. We respect and protect the earth because it is a deliberate and magnificent part of God’s creation.
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Restorative Justice

NETWORK believes mass incarceration in our nation denies the dignity of human life and harms communities. Policies must be passed to reform the U.S. criminal justice system. Read more.

Food Security

NETWORK advocates for nutrition programs designed to feed all who struggle with hunger in our nation. It is a moral imperative that we work to end hunger. Read more.


NETWORK affirms a commitment to conflict resolution through diplomacy instead of military force. We reject our nation’s culture of war which causes irreparable damage at home and internationally. Read more.


NETWORK believes trade policies based only on national, economic, and corporate self-interest fail to promote the common good. Global economic justice requires trade policies that serve people and protect the environment through sustainable development. Read more.