Hadley Stocker

Membership Coordinator

Hadley is NETWORK’s Membership Coordinator, which means she is the official keeper of our member database. Hadley makes it easy to create ongoing relationships with our thousands of supporters, because we have member data that is streamlined and organized. Because of her work, we are able to keep members educated about the federal social justice issues so they are able to advocate for real change. Hadley gained her skills from working on electoral campaigns all over the country and two non-profits abroad, Village Network Africa and Hearthstone in Haiti. She has a B.A. in Linguistics from The Ohio State University and a Master’s in Politics, Economics, and Business from Claremont University.

Where she finds inspiration for work:

  • helping NETWORK maximize its capacity to do good social justice work
  • helping NETWORK members utilize our resources

What she loves outside of NETWORK:

  • her kids and husband
  • politics

Originally from: Born in Atlanta; grew up in New York; moved to Ohio as a teenager

Why she likes DC: She likes D.C. because there are so many passionate people here.