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Nuns On The Bus Activists' Group Ends Their Cross Country Trip In California

Jun 18, 2013 - Justin Sullivan, GETTY

Immigration activist group "NETWORK's Nuns on the Bus" wrapped up a 6,500-mile 15-state tour across the country to urge lawmakers to support legislation that provides a roadmap to citizenship for aspiring Americans.

Catholic nuns in Modesto, Salida to urge immigration reform

Monday, the tour stopped at the Salida office of Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock. The nuns want elected officials to support immigration reform to make it easier for families to earn citizenship.

Nuns on the Bus Tour to Reach San Francisco Today

A group of nuns began their 6,500-mile bus journey late last month in New Jersey with a view of Ellis Island. Since then, their brightly-decorated blue bus with images of hands raised — to show support for families and immigration reform — has rolled for more than 5,000 miles down Eastern Seaboard roads and into the South. This week marks the California leg of the "Nuns on the Bus" tour supported by NETWORK, a national Catholic social justice group.

Nuns come to Bakersfield in support of immigration reform

Local supporters of immigration reform legislation now making its' way through the U.S. Senate got a boost of moral support from a group of nuns. Nine Catholic sisters, part of Nuns on a Bus national tour, stopped in Bakersfield over the weekend, where they joined others at Yokuts Park for a rally and then short march to the office of Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

‘Nuns on Bus’ take immigration reform message across country

Nuns on a cross-country road trip to promote immigration reform are nearing the end of their 6,500 mile journey.

Nuns on a bus tour stops in Bakersfield to rally for immigration reform

A group of nuns is traveling the country to push for immigration reform and their bus tour stopped in Bakersfield Saturday afternoon.

Nuns talk immigration on bus tour

Some Washington-based Catholic nuns advocating for immigration reform stopped in San Diego on Friday to spread their message as part of a national bus tour.

Sisters roll into east valley pushing immigration reform

With straw hats and water bottles in hand, the Sisters braved the 100-plus weather to tour mobile home parks such as St. Anthony Trailer Park and Avenue 77 Park in Thermal, home to many of the valley’s immigrants.

Traveling nuns urge locals to raise voices on immigration

“We’re dividing your city!” exclaimed Sister Simone Campbell, minutes after arriving in Nogales and seeing the border fence running through the downtown area for the first time.

‘Nuns on the Bus’ visit sparks rally

Jun 12, 2013 - Julie Levin, KJZZ

Crowds formed near the intersection of Camelback Road and 22nd Street in Phoenix on Wednesday as a group of Catholic nuns climbed down from a large tour bus for a scheduled visit to the offices of U.S. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake.

Nuns On The Bus Visit Las Cruces

Jun 12, 2013 - Sloan Patton, KRWG

Washington D.C. - based lobbying group "Nuns on the Bus" stopped in Las Cruces to rally behind immigration reform. These nuns are part of a larger group called Network.

“Nuns on a bus” go to El Paso, call for immigration reform

Jun 12, 2013 - Anoushah Rasta, KTSM

A bus full of nuns paid a visit to St. Pius X Community Hall in El Paso today to push for immigration reform. They call themselves “Nuns on a Bus” and they’re touring states across the country, just as a highly anticipated immigration bill makes its way to the Senate floor.

"Nuns on the Bus" tour nation for immigration reform

DALLAS - Promptly at 3 p.m., the big bus rolled into the parking lot at Catholic Charities here. One hundred people were there to greet them. These women, "Nuns on the Bus," travel the continent on behalf of justice.

Immigration reform: Nuns visit El Paso, urge pressure on lawmakers

More than 200 supporters of immigration reform filled the conference hall of St. Pius X Catholic Church and shared stories with the advocate group known as the Nuns on the Bus on Monday night.

Nuns on the Bus back immigration bill

As the U.S. Senate prepares to take up an immigration overhaul bill this week, a group of activist Catholic sisters on a cross-country tour stopped in San Antonio on Sunday to rally support for the controversial changes… The rally drew about 300 supporters to the parking lot of St. Leonard Church on South Zarzamora.

'Nuns on the Bus' brings message of immigration reform to San Antonio

While the United States Senate debates whether to pass widespread immigration reform in Washington, D.C., a tour bus full of nuns has been criss-crossing the U.S. since late May, encouraging people to demand new immigration laws at every stop. Sunday the bus rolled through San Antonio.

Nuns on the Bus Roll Through North Texas

You don’t have to be Catholic or even spiritually minded to get a kick out of the activist group that calls itself Nuns on the Bus.

The nuns’ bus stops in Camden

On May 30, the morning of the second day of their 6,500-mile journey, the nuns swung through Camden City, visiting two parishes, to generate support for their current cause, immigration reform. They were greeted warmly, cheered and asked to pose for photos before the bus was back on the road, travelling to a fundraiser in Washington and an Oval Office meeting between one of the nuns, Sister Simone Campbell, and President Barack Obama.

First Baptist Orlando helps lead faith-based support for immigration reform

The endorsement of evangelicals brings near-unanimity among religious organizations lining up in support of immigration reform, said Sister Simone Campbell, whose Nuns on the Bus tour came through Central Florida this week in support of immigrants seeking citizenship. "Once the evangelicals came on, it was huge," Campbell said.

Pressure building on Georgia’s senators concerning immigration bill

At 3 p.m. Wednesday, nuns on a 6,500-mile, 15-state tour will rally outside U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ Atlanta office in support of “comprehensive immigration reform for the good of the people and the good of the Georgia economy.” Top officials with the Georgia AFL-CIO and Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights are set to join them.

A nation of immigrants demands immigration reform: Sisters Janine Beniger and Barbara Hughes

How appropriate it is… for the Nuns on the Bus to stop here this week at two of our many places that welcome immigrants: Holy Angels Center in New Orleans on Thursday (June 6) and Hispanic Apostolate Community Services in Metairie on Friday (June 7).

Nuns on the Bus reach Tallahassee with immigration message

The roaming "Nuns on the Bus" reached Tallahassee on Tuesday in an organized thank-you to U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio for his support of comprehensive immigration reform.

'Nuns On The Bus' Urge Rubio To Stay The Course On Immigration Reform

Jun 4, 2013 - Lynn Hatter, WFSU-FM

Outside  Rubio’s office in Tallahassee, a touring bus painted with waving hands. One by one, a group of women step out, to cheers and applause. The Catholic political lobby group called Network is the sponsor of Nuns on the Bus. During Tuesday’s stop, Sister Mary Ellen Lacy outlined the groups desire to see Congress pass a comprehensive immigration bill.

Nuns On A Bus Roll Through Tallahassee

Jun 4, 2013 - Matt Galka, WCTV

The Catholic sisters are rallying with prominent Florida labor and civil rights leaders near the office of Senator Marco Rubio to urge him to protect and promote comprehensive immigration reform.

Nuns on the Bus stop in Apopka today to press for immigration reform

“Nuns on the Bus” -- a group of Catholic Sisters on a 15-state bus tour -- are bringing their campaign for immigration reform to the Hope Community Center, 1016 N Park Ave., Apopka, at 4 p.m. today, June 3.

Richard Trumka and Simone Campbell: Don't fall for the false choices on immigration

We are inspired to support common-sense reform that includes an earned path to citizenship because of our Catholic faith and the moral example set by our own immigrant families.

Immigration laws must reflect nation's values, not its fears, nun says

Organized by Network -- a Catholic social justice lobby led by Sister Simone Campbell, a Sister of Social Service who made headlines as a speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte -- the "Nuns on the Bus" tour is modeled on a similar campaign through the Midwest last summer that denounced U.S. House Republican budget cuts.

'Nuns on a Bus' stop in Homewood this week to rally for immigration reform

The nuns, in collaboration with Alabama people of faith, labor leaders, and immigration activists are urging Congress to consider immigration legislation that honors what they consider “America’s highest ideals” and that would allow aspiring Americans the opportunity to achieve the American dream.

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly PBS

Jun 2, 2013 - WSWP - Bluefield WV

Savannah TV coverage

Jun 2, 2013 - WTOC Savannah (CBS)

Nuns stir Charlotteans to call for immigration reform

To raise awareness about the importance of how immigrants affect the local economy, and the need for reform, the nuns got off their bus Saturday morning and stopped at Fiesta Jalisco Mexican restaurant on Independence Boulevard. There they held a forum (co-hosted by Action NC) with local business owners and activists.  

Nuns on a Bus hitting the road again for a major immigration overhaul

This time the bus is scheduled to travel 6,500 miles over three weeks, stopping in 15 states. Most of those states – like Florida, Texas and California – have large Latino populations and are on the front line of the debate about creating a path to citizenship for as many as 11 million undocumented immigrants. The tour is set to conclude June 18 on Angel Island in San Francisco.

Nuns on the Bus: Visit Local Congressman

May 31, 2013 - Loren Thomas, Newsplex

These nuns are driving around the U.S. promoting the immigration reform bill and today they made a pit stop in Charlottesville to speak with Congressman Robert Hurt's staff.

Calling for Common Sense; Nuns on the Bus bring campaign for fair immigration policies to Lawrenceville parish

In his welcoming remarks, Bishop O’Connell noted the May 21 statement from New Jersey’s bishops urging support of fair and just immigration reform and praised the sisters’ efforts in reminding one and all of America’s heritage as a nation of immigrants. During the event, co-sponsored by the parish and The Center for Faith Justice located on its grounds, the bishop lent his “prayer and encouragement to the cause of comprehensive immigration reform” which reflects  Catholic social teaching.

'Nuns on the Bus' Traveling Road Show Presses Immigration Reform in D.C.

Sister Simone Campbell, who leads the Nuns on the Bus, says immigration reform is a natural fit for the group. "Immigration is at the heart of our Catholic faith. It's about community. We need to welcome the stranger, and treat the stranger as yourself," she says.

Nuns on the Bus: Riding for Citizenship

The 'Nuns on the Bus' came through Charlottesville on their national tour to promote an immigration reform bill. They stopped at St. Paul's Catholic Church near the UVa Corner and spoke to a crowd of dozens.

Nuns on bus tour stop in Camden to advocate immigration reform

Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of the Catholic social justice lobbying group, urged congregants to call legislators. Emblazoned on the sides of the bus were instructions on how to join the cause.

Nuns Advocating For Immigration Reform Bring Campaign To Camden, NJ

May 30, 2013 - Ian Bush, CBS Philly

"[Sister Simone] Campbell heads “Network,” a Catholic social justice group lobbying members of Congress to support the comprehensive immigration reform bill now in the US Senate. “We have a narrow window of time before they’re going to get back on budget issues and other issues.  We have to get this done by August,” Campbell says.

Nuns on the Bus kick off nationwide immigration tour

"We have got to make this an urgent message of now," Sr. Simone Campbell, head of the social justice lobby NETWORK, which organized the tour, told a rally on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. "The next six to eight weeks is going to determine what we can accomplish," Campbell said as she pointed to nearby Ellis Island, the American gateway for generations of immigrants. "The time is now for immigration reform."

Traveling nuns draw crowd for immigration reform

NETWORK, a national Catholic social justice lobby, made South Scranton the second stop on a 6,500-mile cross-country trek focused on raising awareness and support for immigration policies that protect family unity and workers' rights and provide a pathway to citizenship for those already in the U.S.

'Nuns on the Bus' take off from Jersey City to campaign for immigration reform

The tour comes at a critical moment in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. The so-called "Gang of Eight" U.S. senators have fashioned a bipartisan bill they hope to put up for a vote in the Senate next month.

Nuns on the Bus stop in Scranton to honor immigrants

The Nuns on the Bus, a project of the national Catholic social justice lobby Network, is traveling to 40 cities in three weeks to advocate immigration policies that protect family unity and workers' rights and provide a pathway to citizenship for those already in the U.S.

Nuns on the Bus get rolling on immigration reform, sent off from New Haven's St. Rose of Lima

Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of NETWORK, a National Catholic social justice lobby, was back on the bus Tuesday evening after a prayer service at St. Rose of Lima Church before embarking on a 6,500 mile, 15-state tour of the country to push Congress to fix a broken immigration system.

‘Nuns on the Bus’ coming to Charlotte to promote immigration reform

Another “Nuns on the Bus” tour – this one promoting comprehensive immigration reform – will hit the road this week. And one of its first stops is Charlotte.

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Nuns on the Bus will be in Arizona June 11-12 promoting immigration reform.

The tour, involving Sister Simone Campbell and 26 other Catholic sisters, is about to begin its second year of traveling the country on behalf of social justice. The nuns drew plenty of publicity and support last year.

NETWORK’s “Nuns on the Bus” Hit the Road for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Joining with labor, civic and fellow faith leaders, NETWORK’s “Nuns on the Bus” are hitting the road for a 6,500-mile, 15-state tour to raise their voices for bipartisan, commonsense immigration reform. The trip is scheduled to begin across from Ellis Island at Liberty State Park in New Jersey on May 29 and conclude with a rally in the shadow of San Francisco’s Angel Island on June 18.

“Nuns on the Bus” making a stop near you…

A total of 6500 miles and 53 events in 40 cities across 15 states, over the course of three weeks, starting May 29 at Ellis Island in New York and ending on June 18 on Angel Island in San Francisco. Woody Guthrie ought to be the soundtrack..

‘Nuns on the Bus’ will hit the road for immigration reform

The “Nuns on the Bus” are revving up their engines for another national campaign, only this time the Catholic sisters are taking their mobile platform for social justice along the country’s Southern border to push Congress to pass immigration reform. “The 'Nuns on the Bus' is going on the road again!” Sister Simone Campbell, head of the social justice lobby Network, told an enthusiastic gathering of faith leaders and charity activists at a Manhattan awards ceremony.