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We the People, We the Voters

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We the People, We the Voters

NETWORK’s Nuns on the Bus are on the road again! This year, our 11-state, 44-city, 115-event tour will be driving so “We the People” can stand up against big money in the 2014 midterm elections.

We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, must:

  • Vote: Strong voter turnout overpowers the influence of big money in politics. Dollars can’t vote, you can.
  • Encourage Others to Vote: When we encourage people to vote, we make sure that the voices of the 100% are heard. Urge and help others to vote.
  • Hold Candidates Responsible: When we demand that candidates commit to policies that benefit the 100%, we can all hold them accountable when elected. When the people vote, politicians listen.

Make your voice and the voices of the 100% heard this midterm election!

When “We the People” vote, politicians will:

Mend the Wealth Gap Enact a Living Wage

Craft a Faithful Budget that Benefits the 100%

Secure Healthcare for All Protect Immigrant Rights

Promote Nonviolent Solutions to Conflict


Special thanks to our state and national partners and collaborators (partial list):
America Votes
Arise Chicago
CHE Trinity Health
Dignity Health
Fair Elections Legal Network
Faith in Public Life
Franciscan Action Network
Gamaliel of Michigan
Iowa CCI
The Markham Group
MOSES (Detroit)
Nonprofit VOTE
Progress Iowa
Pullen Memorial Baptist Church (Raleigh)
State Voices
Unitarian Universalist Association