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Become a Voter for the 100%

Take the "I Am a Voter" Pledge
    1. Download "Becoming a 100% Voter" in English or Spanish 
    2. Order "I Am a Voter" Pledge Cards
    3. Take the pledge to be a voter and get others to join you! Use the pledge at educational events, rallies, around the water cooler, or at religious services. Mail them back to NETWORK and we'll deliver them to newly elected Members of Congress.

Become a 100% Voting Faith Community

    1. DECIDE: Download "Becoming a 100% Voting Faith Community" in English or Spanish.
    2. Share it with your faith community’s decision-makers and use this resource to discern becoming a 100% voting faith community. When your faith community commits to being 100% voting,

share your commitment with NETWORK

  1. INCLUDE THE 100%: Are there members of your community who cannot vote because of age or citizenship status? Get ideas to engage ineligible voters in the democratic process. 
  2. MOBILIZE: Need suggestions on ways to mobilize your faith community to attain 100% voting participation? Check our faith community voter mobilization resource guide for ideas.
  3. INSPIRE: Preaching, teaching, or reflecting about voting? See faith-based Reflection starters in English or in Spanish. They are inspired by Pope Francis's Joy of the Gospel. Also, check out our voting-themed quote bank.

Engage Your Coworkers with the “I Am a Voter” Pledge

Download "Becoming a 100% Voting Workplace" in English or Spanish

      Share this with your office’s decision-makers. If your workplace makes the decision to become 100% voting this fall,

share your commitment with NETWORK