Action Center

Our nation is at a moment
where commonsense immigration reform
is actually possible.

Republicans and Democrats both see it as important for their future. Business sees it as essential to growth and workers see it as essential to wages. Families see it as essential for their survival and for community.

The time is now, and we want to make a difference.

Here are a few ways you can raise your hands and raise your voice:


Sample Tweets:

  • Our #immigration system is broken. @NETWORKLobby’s #nunsonthebus are driving to tell congress to fix it!
  • Laws should reflect our values, not our fears. @NETWORKLobby’s #nunsonthebus
  • I’m raising my hand and raising my voice to support @NETWORKLobby’s #nunsonthebus as they drive for #immigration reform. #CIR13
  • The Constitution says “we the PEOPLE” not “we the citizens.” The #timeisnow for #immigration reform w/ a path to citizenship. #nunsonthebus
  • Americans value diversity because it benefits all of us. #immigration reform is good for the 100% @NETWORKLobby #nunsonthebus


Letter to the Editor Tips:

  • Refer to a specific recent article to which your letter is a response.
  • Stick to publication’s the word-count limit for letters to the editor. Most newspapers’ websites specify the maximum length; 150 words is a common limit.
  • Mention that you are a religious leader or a person of faith, or refer to the faith community’s commitment to immigration reform.
  • Make a values-based argument that puts a human face on the issue.
  • Directly call on your representative and senators, by name, to support immigration reform, providing specifics, if possible (e.g., supporting family unity, immigrant workers’ rights, etc.) Whenever possible, mention that reform is long overdue, and Congress must act now.