Email the 2022 Voting Record to Congress

NETWORK has revealed our analysis of the votes Members of Congress cast in 2022 for justice, democracy, and to protect our freedoms.  We’ve got great news: 270 current Members of Congress scored 100% on the 2022 Voting Record!

Can you act now to reach out to Members of Congress? Those who scored 100% deserve praise, and it is vital that we hold legislators who received a less-than-perfect score accountable. And, as new Members begin their work on Capitol Hill, advocates must let them know about NETWORK’s Voting Record!

Fill out the form to email your Representative and your Senators about their Voting Record scores. When you enter your state and zip code, the message that matches your Member of Congress’s score will appear. You can edit this message.

The 2022 Voting Record

Thank you for helping to create the multi-faith, multiracial democracy we must build anew so that we can all thrive.

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