NETWORK’s Nuns on the Bus have driven thousands of miles across the United States to prophetically speak for justice and advocate for adequate federal policies. During these journeys, the Nuns on the Bus encountered thousands of activists as we called for the creation of the common good.

Our Trips


Who We Elect Matters
Nuns on the Bus 2020: The Virtual Tour
Fall 2020

Follow the links to review our previous Nuns on the Bus journeys:

“On the Road to Mar-a-Lago”
Telling the Truth about Tax Policy
October 2018

“Mend the Gaps
Visiting the Republican and Democratic Conventions
July 11 through July 29, 2016

“Bridge the Divides: Transform Politics”
Welcoming Pope Francis to the United States
September 10 through September 22, 2015
2015 Media Coverage

“We the People, We the Voters”
Civic Engagement – Vote!

September 17 through November 4, 2014
2014 Media Coverage

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now!”
Immigration Reform
May 28 through June 18, 2013
2013 Media Coverage

Medicaid Expansion
Local NOTB events for Medicaid Expansion in numerous states
2012 and 2013

Economic Justice
The original Nuns on the Bus tour opposed the House-approved federal budget plan that decimated funding for safety-net programs
June 18 through July 2, 2012
2012 Media Coverage

Other Information

  • “Nuns on the Bus” is a trademark of NETWORK. Anyone seeking to use the name Nuns on the Bus in association with any event, campaign, or document must obtain advance permission from NETWORK as well as cooperate with NETWORK in the creation of it.
See Our Music Video from the 2014 Tour: It’s All about That Bus (#NunTrouble)

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