Lent 2023

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Tell Your Senators: Support the DISCLOSE Act.

Our democracy is harmed by dark money campaign contributions.

Lent Week Four

The rallying cry of Black Lives Matter pushes back at the racist beliefs that Black people are disposable, criminal, and just as well put out of our poverty and misery through incarceration, or more immediate means. To “being born blind” in Jesus’ day we could add the contemporary construction, “driving while Black.” Both situations presume a guilt that has been carried from generation to generation.

Excerpted from the Week Four reflection from Min. Christian S. Watkins, M.Div., NETWORK Government Relations Advocate.

Plenary: Historical & Current Sentencing Policy

Luke Frederick, Georgetown University & Kara Gotsch, The Sentencing Project

Policy Briefing: Sentencing Reform Legislation

Minister Christian Watkins, NETWORK Government Relations Advocate

Lent Week Three

The message is clear: Migrants are part of our human family, and our actions – and inaction – affect them. Just as mistreatment of the environment in one part of the world can make other parts of the world unlivable, so too indifference toward migrant people poisons the whole world.

Excerpted from the Week Three reflection from Colin Martinez Longmore, NETWORK’s Grassroots Outreach and Education Coordinator.

Advocate and Learn: Spirit-filled Immigration Policy

Public Comments Campaign

Write a Public Comment to Oppose the Proposed Biden Administration Asylum Ban

Write a public comment to oppose President Biden’s Asylum ban that will disproportionately harm poor, Brown, and Black migrants.

Immigration Policy on Our Podcast

Just Politics Catholic Podcast Season 2

In the “Just Politics” Podcast: Let’s be Better Neighbors in 2023, our hosts discuss immigration policy and the conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border with Representative Norma Torres (read her blog) and Sister Tracey Horan, S.P.

Lent Week Two

As Robert P. Jones’s research reveals, “White Americans who agree that ‘God intended America to be a promised land for European Christians’ are four times as likely as those who disagree with that statement to believe that ‘true American patriots may have to resort to violence in order to save our country.’” And violence can be much more subtle than tiki torches, angry mobs overtaking the Capitol building, or vandalism at synagogues. Erasing Black history, banning books in school libraries, and denying gender-affirming care for transgender youth are all forms of violence. We must remain vigilant to these forms of violence, and, as God is described in the Psalm, “love justice and right.”

Excerpted from the Week Two reflection from Meg Olson, NETWORK’s Grassroots Mobilization Director.

Learn about Christian Nationalism in our Church & Communities

What does White Supremacy in American Christianity mean?

Watch White Supremacy in American Christianity, Parts I and II moderated by Joan Neal and featuring Fr. Bryan Massengale, Dr. Robert P. Jones, and Dr. Marcia Chatelain

Cover-of-Jan-6-report-scaled - Edited

Read the Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty’s Report on Christian Nationalism and the January 6 Insurrection

Ash Wednesday & Lent Week One

Lent is a time to engage in examination of conscience and reflect on the path we are called to take toward reparatory justice. Reparatory justice demands honest reckoning with past and ongoing harms and requires action to repair them. We should make the words of this Sunday’s psalm our own.

Excerpted from the Lent 2023 Ash Wednesday reflection of Joan Neal, NETWORK’s Deputy Executive Director & Chief Equity Officer

How You Can Act for Reparations

Letter Writing Campaign

Learn more about the President’s Day Letter Writing Campaign.

Watch Faith In Reparations Event

Listen to faith leaders give testimony for reparations at Faith In Reparations.

Pray for a Reparations Commission

Pray for Reparations during Black History Month 2023

This campaign ended. Please pray for the commission to put our country on the path to justice and healing.

Ash Wednesday Prayer Service