About Us

Founded by Catholic Sisters in the progressive spirit of Vatican II, NETWORK works to create a society that promotes justice and the dignity of all in the shared abundance of God’s creation.
Inspired by our founders and the leadership of the women who followed, we faithfully embody Gospel justice as we ignite hope in the world. We are rooted in Catholic Social Justice and are open to all who share our passion.

As an organization founded by Catholic Sisters and open to all who share our passion, we proclaim the following:

  • We value women’s leadership.
  • We accept and appreciate people from religious as well as secular backgrounds.
  • We welcome and affirm members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • We engage in the ongoing work to become a multicultural anti-racist organization.


NETWORK, a Catholic leader in the global movement for justice and peace, educates, organizes and lobbies for economic and social transformation.

What We Do

Believing in the power of community, our Spirit-filled network of justice-seekers shapes federal policies to be consistent with the values we hold:

A just society includes all and values people over the accumulation of profits.

  • We work to change structures that cause poverty and inequality, placing the needs of people at the economic margins and excluded at the center of our advocacy.
  • We work for a federal budget that benefits everyone and a just tax system that ensures that all pay their fair share.
  • We work to ensure inclusion of everyone in our economy and democracy.

A just society ensures that all people – the 100% – have what they need to live dignified lives.

  • We work for justly compensated jobs and quality healthcare for all.
  • We work to protect the rights of immigrants and all who struggle at the margins.
  • We work for affordable housing, food assistance and safety-net programs for all who need them.

A just society recognizes that we live in an interconnected world.

  • We work for nonviolent solutions to conflict.
  • We work to alleviate unequal burdens created by climate change.
  • We work for trade policies that are rooted in justice and that protect all.
Our agenda is an economic equity agenda; our major concern is to be a voice in solidarity with persons who are economically disenfranchised, both domestically and globally. Catholic social teaching places strong emphasis on the ‘option for the poor ‘ as it is expressed. The further explication of ‘option’ states that ‘the needs of people who are poor take precedence over the wants of those who are rich.’ In that light, the option for those who are poor becomes a mandate.Sr. Catherine Pinkerton, CSJ, former NETWORK lobbyist


What Does Sister-Spirit Look Like?

We live out Sister-Spirit when we…

  1. Listen with curiosity and humility, and are open to learning.
  2. Root our understanding in encounter, not ideology.
  3. Approach situations and people with hope and welcome.
  4. Act out of a grounded spirituality rooted in contemplation and reflection.
  5. Pursue Gospel justice with joy and persistence.
  6. Prioritize the well-being of others, especially those at the margins.
  7. Work collaboratively in community, not “presiding over.”
  8. See our co-workers, Board members, and everyone as people first, not just roles.
  9. Trust our instincts, are bold, and are willing to do the unpopular.
  10. Celebrate together, use humor, and are feisty.

Key Documents

View our recent 990s, as well as copies of our W-9 and our original tax-exempt letter.