A group of people gather outside a government building with brightly colored signs that read "Hands off SNAP!", "Hunger Hurts," and "#HousingMatters." They stand behind a woman at a podium, with a sign "Care Not Cuts: We Need a Moral Budget." The woman at the podium is holding a mic and raising her fist.

White Supremacy and American Christianity, Part 4 Young adults actively building beloved community will join in on the conversation. A NETWORK Discussion WATCH TODAY! NEW book “Called to Action: NETWORK’s 50 Years of Political Ministry” tells the story of Catholic Sisters who put the Gospel into action by lobbying for the common good. Read the review Advocating for
Climate Justice.
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Reflect and Act
National-Black-Catholic-Sisters-Conference_Founders_1968 telephone icon - orange Ash Wednesday 2023 Giving Tuesday 2023 NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice Advent reflections from NETWORK staff based on issues that need better policy so that the US can Build Anew Background for Black History Month Ash Wednesday 2023

In 1972, 47 Catholic Sisters gathered in Washington, D.C. and the spark that would become NETWORK was ignited. Shortly after that gathering, NETWORK opened its doors in April 1972. Since then, NETWORK has grown from a small lobby of Catholic Sisters into a faith-based political advocacy organization for the common good with tens of thousands of justice-seekers– women and men, secular and religious — across the country. Through political ups and downs, the NETWORK community has continuously advocated for federal policies that advance racial and economic justice and will help us Build Anew.

Just Politics Season 3 and Season 4 logo

Just Politics, Season 4

Season 4, episode 1 has dropped! In previous seasons, the focus was on democracy–what it means, how it’s threatened, and how we can protect and expand it. This season’s guests will focus on the application of democracy by looking ahead to this election year and beyond.

NY Times Tax Code Revision ad signed by NETWORK and other social justice organizations.

NY Times Tax Ad

NETWORK, and over 100 leading public interest organizations representing tens of millions of people across the U.S., have called on Congress to pass a bold set of changes to the tax code, including to corporate taxes, when several parts of the 2017 Trump tax bill expire. Read the letter to congressional leaders and view the list of signers.

Congress Invest in Welcoming Communities Immigration Press Conference

Press Conference: Congress Invest in Welcoming Communities

Members of Congress, Sisters, and immigration humanitarian groups gathered on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, September 14 to demand that Congress fund immigration policy that welcomes migrants to our communities.


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