A group of people gather outside a government building with brightly colored signs that read "Hands off SNAP!", "Hunger Hurts," and "#HousingMatters." They stand behind a woman at a podium, with a sign "Care Not Cuts: We Need a Moral Budget." The woman at the podium is holding a mic and raising her fist.

In 1972, 47 Catholic Sisters gathered in Washington, D.C. and the spark that would become NETWORK was ignited. Shortly after that gathering, NETWORK opened its doors in April 1972. Since then, NETWORK has grown from a small lobby of Catholic Sisters into a faith-based political advocacy organization for the common good with tens of thousands of justice-seekers– women and men, secular and religious — across the country. Through political ups and downs, the NETWORK community has continuously advocated for federal policies that advance racial and economic justice and will help us Build Anew.

Black history month and the need for a brighter future with guaranteed income.

Universal Income Can End the Wealth Gap, Poverty

Black History is American history. This week NETWORK offers a look at guaranteed income, or universal basic income (UBI), as a policy that could end generations of harm and economic discrimination–and offer a brighter future where everyone thrives.

Statement on the 118th Congress from NETWORK. Lamenting on their inability to pass legislation to help the hard-working American people thrive.

NETWORK laments the 118th Congress's 1st Session

We call on the House to take their responsibility as elected leaders seriously as we move to the Second Session of the 118th Congress. They must begin to work on behalf of their constituents and the American people.

Congress Invest in Welcoming Communities Immigration Press Conference

Press Conference: Congress Invest in Welcoming Communities

Members of Congress, Sisters, and immigration humanitarian groups gathered on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, September 14 to demand that Congress fund immigration policy that welcomes migrants to our communities.


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