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Thousands of Nuns Urge Senators to Vote Against Obamacare Repeal

USA Today    July 23, 2017
“Thousands of American nuns have signed a letter to senators asking them to reject the Republican plan to bring that they say is “immoral and contrary to the teachings of our Catholic faith.”

Religious Leaders Fiercely Criticize Senate Health Care Bill

Huffington Post    June 22, 2017
“This bill is a crass political calculation carried out by 13 white, male senators who are out of touch with the realities of millions of ordinary families in every state.”

Sr. Simone Campbell continues speaking truth to power

National Catholic Reporter   March 9, 2017
“The institution … is frightened of change. These men worry more about the form and the institution than about real people.”

Priests Can Now Forgive Catholics for Abortions: Sr. Simone Comments

MSNBC   November 21, 2016

What I Learned Touring America With Nuns on the Bus

Time Magazine    August 10, 2016
“So many Americans living in between Republican and Democrat divides are tired of the divisions being sown. Many are ready to work together to help sew the fabric of our society back together.”

Nuns Take on Politics with Lemonade in Hand

USA Today    July 18, 2016
“For Sister Simone Campbell, hitting the campaign trail isn’t a political endeavor – it’s spiritual one. And on Monday, she and 19 other nuns took to the streets of Cleveland, lemonade in hand…”

No Platforms-As-Usual

The Hill     June 17, 2016
“I urge you to use this daunting moment to help reweave the fabric of our society and create your Platforms as visions for the 100% where We the People can form the more perfect union that we all, in our broken hearts, seek.”

Female Deacons Would Make the Church Stronger

Time Magazine    May 12, 2016
“This move is another example of Pope Francis’s vision of an inclusive society – a society that celebrates and takes full advantage of the unique talents and strengths of each and every one of us – the 100 percent. Inclusiveness is strength.”

Commentary: Pope Francis’ Impact on the Catholic Vote in 2016

Philadelphia Inquirer    May 5, 2016
“When the chattering class analyzes the “Catholic vote,” as it will inevitably do – it will find that in this year of mercy, our votes stretched far beyond our self-interest and to the common good, that we turned out and voted for the needs of those who are most often left out of our care. We will be called the “Pope Francis voters.””

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NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice was founded by Catholic sisters in 1971 and continues its mission today to educate, organize and lobby for economic and social transformation. NETWORK has organized four national “Nuns on the Bus” tours to highlight the importance of the federal budget, immigration reform, voter participation, and political engagement all across the United States. Read more.

About Sister Simone Campbell, SSS

Sister Simone Campbell has served as Executive Director of NETWORK since 2004. She is a religious leader, attorney and poet with extensive experience in public policy and advocacy for systemic change. Read more.


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