NETWORK Lobby~faith-based political advocacy for the common good

In 1972, 47 Catholic Sisters gathered in Washington, D.C. and the spark that would become NETWORK was ignited. Shortly after that gathering, NETWORK opened its doors in April 1972. Since then, NETWORK has grown from a small lobby of Catholic Sisters into a faith-based political advocacy organization for the common with tens of thousands of justice-seekers–men, women, secular, religious, etc.–across the country. Through political ups and downs, the NETWORK community has continuously advocated for federal policies that advance racial and economic justice and promote the common good.

Just Politics Podcast

Season 2 of NETWORK’s podcast has launched. Learn more about the policy issues NETWORK advocates for so we all thrive.  And, how we work to break the racial and economic injustices that divide us and threaten democracy.

What does White Supremacy in American Christianity mean?

WSAC, Parts I and II

Racism and Christianity. In part I, the panelists speak of the existence and harm of racism in our churches and in part II, solutions to reduce racism in our churches are offered.

Pray for Reparations during Black History Month 2023

Pray for Reparations

This campaign is closed. 562 people pledged to pray that President Biden signs an H.R.40 executive order during Black History Month! You can still pray for the executive order we need to put our country on the path to true justice and healing.


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faith-based political advocacy for the common good


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