Bus Blog: New Labor Site Visit

Colleen Ross
September 25, 2020

On Thursday, September 24, Nuns on the Bus had a virtual site visit at New Labor, a workers’ rights organization with three centers in New Jersey: New Brunswick, Newark, and Lakewood. During the site visit, Sister Simone met and spoke with Rafael Santiago, a New Labor Member, and Lou Kimmel, Co-Founder and Executive Director of New Labor.

New Labor currently has around 4,000 members who work  in a variety of important sectors in NJ, including: warehousing and logistics, work through temporary employment agencies, domestic work, construction and remodeling, street vending, and other small businesses, including landscaping, restaurant work, and day labor.

New Labor offers trainings for members, fights against wage theft and for safe work conditions, and advocates for just and humane immigration reform and other policies that respect immigrants.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, New Labor’s members have been experiencing many of the negative impacts of the ongoing health and economic crises, and New Labor is at the forefront of organizing to meet those needs.

Watch the full site visit on Facebook or Youtube.