NETWORK believes the federal budget is a moral document that reflects the priorities of our nation. Our budget must prioritize human needs programs, ensure funding to care for vulnerable members of our society, restore economic opportunity, and invest in community.
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NETWORK firmly believes that the federal budget is a moral document that presents the clearest expression of our nation’s priorities. The federal budget is how programs to mend the gaps are able to flourish. NETWORK believes that allocating funding for human needs programs should be the first priority for legislators determining spending, and rejects the notion that the deficit will be resolved with cuts to programs that help people at the economic margins. A faithful budget will ensure that the needs of the 100% will be met and all people will be able to live in dignity.

NETWORK Advocates for Federal Policies That:

Work to reduce the growing divide between those with the greatest wealth and those struggling for economic survival

Misguided priorities allow legislators to prioritize expenditures like tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations in our nation over the needs of the middle-class and people experiencing poverty. Mending the wealth gap requires a federal budget to raise reasonable revenue through taxes while supporting responsible programs that are proven to lift people out of poverty and provide for struggling individuals and families.

Set revenue and expenditure levels that ensure the 100% live in dignity

The federal budget must prioritize true human security through investments in human needs, such as appropriate housing, adequate nutrition and the opportunity to engage in work that leads one to self-realization, as well as to support self and family. This safety net must ensure that all members of our communities live in dignity, meet cultural needs and have the capacity for self-realization.

Provide resources to create vibrant, healthy communities through federal appropriations

Prioritize human needs funding over war preparations and weapons of mass destruction

Each year there is an increase in funding for the Pentagon that crosses many budget areas. The most obvious are Defense Appropriations and funding for Homeland Security. In addition to this, funding for nuclear weapons and research are within funding for the Department of Energy. Smaller amounts are embedded in the Agriculture Department, Health and Human Services, and other areas. This is over and above the seriously underfunded Veteran’s Administration.

Human needs funding must take precedence over military spending. As Congress determines funding levels, allotments for defense and non-defense spending must be raised at equal rates, thereby maintaining parity.

Provide for future generations rather than providing immediate benefits for those with wealth and power

Children must be a priority: their nutrition, security, education, health and hope in dreams taking them through adulthood. They must have a planet that provides sustenance of body and of spirit. Spending must focus on the health of the planet and of those who will be the leaders and the workers in years to come.

Policy Solutions
  • Faithful Budget
  • Eliminate Sequestration
  • Reduce the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Fund