Jarrett Smith

Government Relations Advocate

Jarrett K. Smith’s interest in politics and community participation is a result of being raised by parents who served the United States with distinguished careers in the military and government. He is the son of an Army Major who was commissioned in 1967 and served 20 years as an Intelligence Officer and was given full Military Burial Honors at Arlington National Cemetery. His mother had a lifelong career with The Department of Commerce.

Having grown up in various cities all over the US, including a city outside of Wahiawa, Hawaii, Jarrett also became adventurous. At 17 years old, Jarrett decided to venture far from home and attend undergrad at Howard University. Jarrett’s time at Howard University set the stage for his interest in politics and civic engagement to grow and flourish. Given the latter, after undergrad, Jarrett decided to call the D.C. metropolitan area home.

He is a former Councilmember for Takoma Park, Maryland (Ward 5, five-terms) and has served in senior leadership roles for several governments and administrative bodies at all levels of government in Maryland, and across the US. Jarrett is a candidate for an Executive MPA at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government, where his focus area is government relations.

Where he finds inspiration for his work:

• Jarrett’s beliefs are to seek social justice in America due to his compassion for people;
• Jarrett has always sought to be in the company of like-minded members of the Catholic community with the same ideals as his own with respect to social justice; these professional and personal relationships fuel his passion.

What he loves outside of work:

• Reading non-fiction;
• Spending time with his wife;
• Watching movies

Originally from: Seattle, WA

Why he likes D.C: Because it is the seat of power for the entire world; this small federal jurisdiction influences every corner of the planet.