Call the Senate NOW to Advocate for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act!

This month, the U.S. Senate has a crucial window of opportunity to pass critical legislation that supports women and families. This bipartisan legislation is urgently needed to end the discrimination that pregnant workers continue to face. As we’ve shared in previous PWFA updates, pregnant workers are routinely denied basic, temporary accommodations to ensure a healthy pregnancy.  This can be as simple as a stool to sit on or a break from lifting heavy boxes. The PWFA is ready for a vote on the Senate floor, but one is not schedule.  Your Senators have a moral responsibility to act now! Call the Senate NOW at 888-738-3058 and tell them it’s time to vote for the PWFA!

Call and Email President Biden to Support creating a Reparations Commission!

NETWORK joins with the Why We Can’t Wait Coalition (led by Human Rights Watch) to urge President Biden to create a federal commission to study reparations for healing and repair for our country. Redress was never made after slavery. Instead racist laws, abuse, and violence followed — and continues through today (the wealth gap, bias in policing and sentencing, disparities in education, etc.).  Call the White House at 1-888-422-4555 (Tuesday through Thursday, 9 AM-3 PM). Email the White House now and urge President Biden to issue an executive order to create a federal commission to study reparations today!

Tell the Senate to Pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act!

Pregnant workers are routinely denied basic, temporary accommodations to ensure a healthy pregnancy. These accommodations are often as simple as a stool to sit on, a break from lifting heavy boxes, schedule changes, and protection from dangerous conditions. In this 117th Congress, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is closer than ever to becoming law. We can’t let this moment slip away — urge the Senate to pass Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (S.1486) today!

The time is now to give pregnant workers the dignity they deserve— it is time to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. Email the Senate now!


Over 2 million low-income adults living near the poverty line in 12 states don’t have health insurance. They earn less than $12,880 per year – too much to qualify for traditional Medicaid, but not enough for Affordable Care Act subsidies. Congress needs to finish the ACA and close the Medicaid Coverage gap in budget reconciliation so that people with limited financial resources can live healthier lives.

Email Congress and let them know: Now more than ever, everyone needs essential health coverage.

Call the Senate to Extend the Child Tax Credit!

Join NETWORK calling on the Senate to extend the expanded and fully refundable Child Tax Credit to ensure families can put food on the table and pay their bills. Dial 888-738-3058 *Call twice to reach both of your Senators

Call the Senate to Advocate for Just Sentencing Laws!

For decades, the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine offenses has contributed to our country’s shameful legacy of systemic racism. It doesn’t have to be this way. Call 1-888-436-6478 to urge the Senate to support the EQUAL Act and the Senate Sentencing Package of Three Bills! Dial twice to reach both of your Senators.

Tell Your Members of Congress How They Scored on NETWORK’s 2021 Voting Record!

NETWORK releases our annual voting record each year to evaluate all Members of Congress on how they voted during the previous session of Congress. Email your Members of Congress to let them know how they did on NETWORK’s 2021 Voting Record.

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