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The Tax Justice for All workshop offers you the opportunity to re-envision a tax code that makes the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share and see how we can invest that money to build our society anew. You can explore the options on your own with our tax justice calculator.

Upcoming Workshops

Tax Justice for All: Unveiling the Racial Inequities of the U.S. Tax Code is a virtual interactive workshop that explores how tax justice is critical to racial justice. The workshop takes participants through the lives of five different families and explores how the tax code impacts them. It then gives participants the opportunity to re-envision the tax code.

Did you miss one of our previous Tax Justice for All Workshops? Check out the video below for a recording of the workshop. It is an interactive experience that you can do by yourself or with a small group. We encourage you to pause and reflect throughout the video, especially during the discussion question sessions and the Build Your Own Budget Tax Calculator activity. Please note: In order to engage fully with all parts of the workshop, we highly suggest joining from a computer/laptop rather than a phone or tablet.

We currently don’t have any upcoming workshops scheduled. If you would like us to let you know when we schedule more sessions of the workshop, let us know by filling out the form below. You can also invite us to host a workshop specifically for your group!

Policy Glossary

New to tax policy? Check out this policy glossary to begin familiarizing yourself with some common terms and concepts.

For more information:

  • Reports from the National Women’s Law Center & partners (University of San Diego School of Law, Roosevelt Institute, and Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality)
    • The Faulty Foundations of the Tax Code: Gender and Racial Bias in Our Tax Code (available here)
    • Reckoning with the Hidden Rules of Gender in the Tax Code: How Low Taxes on Corporations and the Wealthy Impact Women’s Economic Opportunity and Security (available here)
    • A Tax Code for the Rest of Us: A Framework & Recommendations for Advancing Gender & Racial Equity Through Tax Credits (available here)
  • The Whiteness of Wealth: How the Tax System Impoverishes Black Americans – and How We Can Fix It by Dorothy A. Brown (available here)
  • Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy
  • Americans for Tax Fairness