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DeeAnn on State Employee Wages

DeeAnn Mckenny - Jefferson City, Missouri

DeeAnn is a state employee and she has heard that Missouri state employees are the least paid in the country.

She notes that many state employees don't have disposable income, so raising the wage would improve the local economy as well as improve the quality of life for state employees and their families.

DeeAnn also shares a personal story: when she moved to Jefferson City around 20 years ago she quickly became a single mom and was diagnosed with MS. She attests that she has been treated well by the state, through her compassionate supervisors, enabling her to take time off to take care of her child, her health, and be there for her father when we was ill and passed away. She says that this compassionate treatment needs to be widespread among state employees in Missouri and for all employees.

DeeAnn also acknowledges that it's a two way street- and employees need to return the trust placed in them by employers by not taking advantage of the availability for leave.

She ends her story with a call for everyone, employers and employees, to treat others as they would like to be treated.