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Sarah on Getting Resources and Community

Sarah Marsh - Newark, New Jersey

Sarah shares that before she started she didn't think she needed help for her addiction. By the time she was at the depth of her addiction, Medicaid was her only option due to the poverty caused by her addiction. All the places she called didn't accept Medicaid, and she wasn't able to save enough money to both take care of her immediate needs and pay for treatment.

She notes that drug court helped her get into a program- without drug court she would wait months to get into a program that she couldn't pay for. She shows how only having Medicaid limits your options, as it generally funds outpatient. She says that outpatient wasn't what she needed because the "drugs were just a symptom," what also really needed help was her attitudes and behaviors.

She explains how a therapeutic community works to break down bad behaviors and build new good ones. They all work together in groups and as a community to call out bad behaviors and support each other in recovery. She emphasizes how the drugs aren't the only issue at work, but also the ability to talk through life and behavior.

She explains conflict group in articular, where they discuss issues among each other and learn how to work it out in a constructive way, rather than through drugs, lashing out, or getting arrested. She says that she "needed that little kick to be able to say that this is what I'm doing with my life and my attitudes that wasn't okay."