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Willy White on transportation in Albany

Willy White - Albany, New York

Willy White shares about how his community came together to advocate for a bus into their neighborhood.  Willy notes that when community members walk out their door they can see the injustices and problems in their community and can choose to join the problems or help create solutions.

Willy decided to help create solutions. He called for a community meeting to come together and discuss issues in the community. The need for a bus to come to their community had been fought over for twenty years. They wanted a bus to come 1.3 miles from their neighborhood to the hospital and connecting bus routes. The community launched a petition, amassing 1500 signatures. They also ran about 20 newspaper articles and 10-15 TV adds. He shares how people were excited to share their stories and signatures for the cause. Eventually CDTA called and invited them to come talk about how to get a bus to their neighborhood.

His community fought hard and united with other neighborhoods and communities in Albany and the surrounding area. He notes that now, five years later, CDTA is one of their best community partners.