Your Public Comments Against the Asylum Ban are Appreciated

Your Public Comments Against the Asylum Ban are Appreciated

Your Public Comments Against the Asylum Ban are Appreciated

NETWORK’s Spirit-filled community submitted over 850 public comments in response to President Biden’s proposed asylum ban. Thank you, this is the largest response we have ever had to a call for our supporters to write an immigration comment!  And you did not act alone. Supporters of our faith and secular partners, and individuals across the country, also contributed to the 51,952 total submissions (as of Sunday, April 2).

It’s not too late to let President Biden know that justice-seekers demand a fair asylum — or tell hime again. Will you use the form below to let President Biden know that you oppose his asylum ban?

Thank You!

NETWORK justice-seekers recently came together to submit public comments against an immigration ban proposed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (officially called Circumvention of Lawful Pathways). The ban is essentially a retread of the asylum ban that President Trump instituted and was found to be in violation of immigration law. Together, nearly 900 NETWORK supporters made their voices heard on this issue.

As an immigration lobbyist and passionate advocate for a safe and dignified asylum process, I am awed and humbled. But we must continue our efforts to protect people seeking safety in our country — the asylum process as we know it is still in jeopardy!

This is not the end. Continue to Take Action!

The Biden Administration is doubling down on anti-asylum policies. After the Title 42 expulsion policy expires on May 11th, the Administration is highly likely to push through parts, if not all, of this rule. We cannot remain silent about the deterrence policies that do not work and lead to great harm, and even death, of people who are seeking protection.

Let President Biden know that his asylum ban must be rescinded, and that justice-seekers like you oppose any asylum policy that creates new barriers for vulnerable people seeking freedom and security in our country.

The U.S. has been a beacon for fair and humane asylum for people seeking refuge and opportunity. Thank you for acting to preserve this shared, honored value.

In solidarity,

Ronnate Asirwatham

Take Action!

Take Action: Let President Biden Know, Justice-seekers oppose harmful asylum changes!

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